Aug 26, 2011

Introduction for Fall of 2011


    I am excited about the new term.  My name is Linda Engel, and I live in Waverly, IA.  I have 3 children, the youngest of whom begins college this fall at Wartburg College in Waverly.  He lives on campus, much to his chagrin.  I also have a 14 month old grandson - absolutely adorable little guy.  My older son is a videogame designer in Florida; he designs games that teach the military how to fire 50-caliber tank weapons.

   I earned my bachelor's in English, May 2009, which makes me a non-traditional student.   I like to cook and sew.  I just moved into a new house that replaced the one lost in the 2008 flood.  I still need to unpack. 

   I am really interested in the possible benefits of videogames to increase motivation in students. (Dr. Z, I worked hard to change this sentence so it doesn't use "use" - LOL).  This blog is one I started when I first began my master's program.  Perhaps, I'll use it more now.