Mar 22, 2010

Back to the beginning!

I'm alive! Between sickness, moving, selling my house, getting robbed (last night), wrecking a truck I rented (Fri a.m., sick as a dog) - it's been a hell of a Spring Break!

Through it all fonts keep coming to the fore! Fonts seem to be the visual element I notice most. Why is that? Is it because I have spent hundreds of hours creating lettering as a draftsman before computers? I have amassed a huge quantity of fonts and spend quite a lot of time deciding which font will work best for a particular document.

Apparently, according to a radio program on the BBC ( fonts operate as a "secret language." All sorts of emotional and subliminal messages are sent by the fonts we choose. "The fonts we dress our words in are arguably as much of a fashion statement as the clothes we wear" (Peacock, BBC Science, 2005).

Another video (pretty funny) I found on the same blog. Here it is - (Wish I could figure out how to embed the video right into this blog - perhaps when I feel better.) I wonder if I'll make it to school tomorrow?

One last picture I found - this says it all about perception. I'm gonna post it to our WebCT place when I'm feeling feistier!

Mar 1, 2010


We discussed advertising and perception a lot during the past few meetings. I watched the assigned video with my teenager; I think it opened his eyes even though he did not want to admit it.

I was confused by the posting with LaRae. My perception was that she was trying to provoke me with her first comments, then the conversation degenerated to weird places.

You challenged us to post visually. I realized that I do not want to do that because of the way I look to myself.

It's funny - my self-perception is tied up in all the garbage that we talked about in advertising, but yet I'm glad to not have to worry about all of that. At least I profess to not worry, but when it comes to brass tacks I guess I'm still caught up in all of that.