Jun 3, 2012


I now know the difference between podcasts (Talk Tech) and regular videos that reside in places like You Tube  Podcasts are video broadcasts to which one returns for additional episodes.  Regular videos that are uploaded to the internet are "one-time" things - independent entities, if you will.  My class this term had us looking for pod-casts in an educational area of personal interest.  I am interested in using videogames in classrooms, so I searched for pod-casts with search terms reflecting my interests (videogames, kinnect, elearning - to list a few).

However, I am not sure how impressed I am.  By far, the overwhelming majority of the multitudes of pod-casts (about 6) I found had not been added to in more than 3 years.  One of my fellow students mentioned this same problem during our last class.  In contrast, You Tube's education videos were varied and there were many series that were newly created.

One podcast I found that has regular, recent additions is the eLearning Academy.  The current podcast is about social media in education.  Very interesting.  

I look forward to finding more pod-casts.  I know that they are out there! Perhaps I need to make my own!  What is your experience with finding pod-casts?  Do you think they are more valuable that independent videos?  Let me know, please!