Mar 22, 2010

Back to the beginning!

I'm alive! Between sickness, moving, selling my house, getting robbed (last night), wrecking a truck I rented (Fri a.m., sick as a dog) - it's been a hell of a Spring Break!

Through it all fonts keep coming to the fore! Fonts seem to be the visual element I notice most. Why is that? Is it because I have spent hundreds of hours creating lettering as a draftsman before computers? I have amassed a huge quantity of fonts and spend quite a lot of time deciding which font will work best for a particular document.

Apparently, according to a radio program on the BBC ( fonts operate as a "secret language." All sorts of emotional and subliminal messages are sent by the fonts we choose. "The fonts we dress our words in are arguably as much of a fashion statement as the clothes we wear" (Peacock, BBC Science, 2005).

Another video (pretty funny) I found on the same blog. Here it is - (Wish I could figure out how to embed the video right into this blog - perhaps when I feel better.) I wonder if I'll make it to school tomorrow?

One last picture I found - this says it all about perception. I'm gonna post it to our WebCT place when I'm feeling feistier!

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