Jan 31, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about perception during the last two weeks. This was spurred by the reading assignment, of course, but it has proven to be quite illuminating.

First I started ruminating about people's perceptions of others. There's a man in California who has some sort of weird perception of me, based upon a woman whom I politely refer to as "trailer trash" and the apparent rambling of my dearly loved, maiden aunt (which I don't believe were originally thought by her). NO MATTER.

The point is that, just as our textbook says, changing initial perceptions is an extremely difficult task.

Next, I received the email that was shown in my previous post. This directly relates to the way people visually perceive things when there is no other information. Would either of us be any different? Not knowing that the violin player was someone "important," would we have stopped the progress of our busy lives to stand and listen to this person. We would likely have considered as a more important question, whether or not we had/or wanted to part with the money we would feel obligated to give for staying and listening.

And lastly, I went to the NPR homepage to look for "Wait, Wait,..." and I saw an essay about time perception. http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/2010/01/the_doors_of_time_perception.html Here is another whole different type of perception!

So we now have visual, psychological, and time; I imagine there are also auditory and tactile perceptions. Each of them interact with each other. For example, if we succumbed to the alluring violin recital, time would fly, and perhaps the person we were headed to meet would perceive that we were not responsible. Three distinct types of perception that work together to creat our lives.

Very interesting...

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