Dec 15, 2011

I Have Integrated My Technology!!!!

My Selection and Integration of Technology course winds to a close this evening.  I wish I could lament its sad passing, but I am truly tired of schoolwork for a few weeks!

Our task this time was to take all we learned over the semester and incorporate it into one giant document!

I'd like to believe a teacher has the time to do this for every lesson, but sadly I doubt that is true.  The good thing about this level of detail is that it can be left for substitutes with the above average chance that the substitute will be able to continue in one's stead.

I truly loathe going into a classroom and making students complete BORING worksheets because the teacher is afraid to let the substitute teach.  I understand the conundrum.  I also think it is counterproductive for subs and teachers not to communicate before the event, if possible.  Oh well, I digress - again.

I am attaching the Columbus lesson plan that I created.  I copied shamelessly from sites I found on the internet.  I tried to faithfully record each; if you find that I have omitted someone who needs recognition, please let me know.

Engel - Integrated Plan

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  1. I am so glad I read your blog, Linda. I wonder if all subs feel like you and truly wish to teach? It' so frustrating for me to prepare for a sub, too, for I don't know where to set my expectations for a him/her. Can he/she read Julius Caesar aloud with the class and break it down to an understandable level for the students? Will the sub resent that responsibility, or will he/she enjoy the challenge? I hate worksheets, too, but I hate to demand too much of the sub. What advice do you have for those teachers creating substitute lesson plans?

    BTW...I tried to see your lesson, but the link didn't work for me. You may wish to check it out :)