May 20, 2012

Latest Class Assignment

    In this, my (hopefully) last master's degree class, we are beginning by jumping into the blogoshpere.  I have been avidly reading blogs for the last two years (since beginning my master's program), and I have many favorites.  Originally, they were are educational, but since I developed a serious addiction to Pinterest my horizons have expanded; now I read lots of sewing and cooking blogs - even some fashion gurus

from the May 8 blog post
  Ok, let's talk seriously about some instructional technology blogs.  My absolute favorite is the Rapid eLearning Blog.  This blog is ostensibly designed to motivate people to buy from the Articulate community of software.  However, I love, love, love it for all the things this blog has taught me about using PowerPoint!  Plus, you get gobs of free templates - when you get to know me better, you'll understand my obsession for free things.  I once wasted over $1K to get a $50 mp3 player - sad story; another time.

Another blog I enjoy reading is Games 4 Change  I believe that video games are powerful tools.  They can reignite learning motivation, affect social change, actually change the brain's skills, and are just plain fun.  This blog is part of a consortium designed to promote games that can change society.  Have you ever heard of Urgent Evoke or Jane McGonigal?  Well, Games 4 Change supports the same premise - games can change the world.

   I am currently a substitute teacher, and one day I thought - maybe there might be a blog or two to help me with issues I face in those scary classrooms.  I found several.  This first one is one of my favorites.  The author has actual suggestions and her experiences make me feel less alone.  Most of the others have not been updated recently or are not really substitute teacher blogs(more like long commercials).  Another favorite, even though I can never find the home button easily, is Substitutes, FTW  I'm not sure if this lady is still a substitute teacher, but she offers great tips to use for regular teachers, too. It hasn't been updated in awhile, tho'  :(

   This summer I hope to get over my fear of blogging and contribute to the community. No longer just a reader be!  What are your biggest challenges in blogging?  Lack of time, desire, or writer's block?  How do you overcome your difficulties?  Let me know.

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  1. Looks like you have surmounted your fear of blogging with this posting, Linda.

    You are a good writer, you just need to share it with others. Thanks for sharing all of those gaming resources.