May 19, 2012

An "Other Things" type post

6' drawers in sewing room
     One of the things I love to do is sew.  I have a wonderful sewing machine and waay too much fabric!  I have been reading lots of sewing and cooking blogs during my semester break.  One of the blogs that I read, Sew, Mama, Sew!, has been talking about how important it is to RECYCLE.  The authors are giving away a very interesting book all about reinventing sewing with recycled stuff!  I want to win this book.

    To that end, I am sharing a picture (or two) of a sewing organizer I made from old blue jeans.  I had the greatest fun choosing pockets (off old pants) that would be used for storage, cutting up the legs to make the background. It's kinda heavy, but it's durable!  And, useful!
Fun to make!
Back side showing
   This is my sewing organizer - notice the spot along the side for a yardstick.  You can see that the back is just one large piece of blue fabric and there is a rod pocket.

 There is no pattern, just pick cool pockets, add a waistband to hold a yardstick, attach stuff to pieces of pant legs, and add a backing. Voila! you're organized

    Can you see the cool design right below the pinking shears? It was on a pant leg!  No you can't - here's a close-up.

So what would you fill these pockets with?  Let me know.


  1. Linda- It is so good that you balance the school "stuff" with your hobbies. I think you become a richer teacher when you are involved in your own passions and pursuits! Enjoyed your blog.

  2. Linda,

    Another great post. I'm really enjoying your blog. I like your idea about the sewing organizer, what a great way to use old jeans. I've seen a similar idea for scrapbooking supplies where they used a shoe organizer, but I like this because it has a story to tell.

    If I had something like this, it would be filled with all my craft and scrapbooking supplies...which I think would me I need about ten of those. It would be the perfect place for me to store scissors, pens, markers, and so much more.

    I'm definitely going to check out that blog.

  3. This is a nice balance with school and your hobby. Great representations with the graphic pictures to explain what you were having us visualize. If I had an organizer like this it would be filled with sticky notes, pens, pencils, and paper clips.